January 2, 2014

Find Me Safety developers Tammy Fuller and Kim Fuller were interviewed for the February 2 2014 Tech Issue of the Providence Business News by reporter Patricia Daddona. Also interviewed for the story were Realtors Sandy Brown of Keller Williams and Ted Ngo of Raevis who discussed how Realtor safety is on the forefront of everyone in the industry and how Find Me Safety could be a tool to use for individual safety.Providence Business News
Article will be posted on after February 2nd’s release of publication.

December 13, 2014

Lincoln Software Architect Volunteers Two Hours To Teach Woonsocket High Students Computing Coding

Tammy Fuller, Chief software architect of Echo Messaging of Lincoln, Rhode Island helps Woonsocket High students learn code to build their own flappy bird app. Organized by the Tech Collective in Rhode Island, dozens of tech volunteers fanned out to surrounding high schools to introduce students to the field of technology, computer science and engineering.

Students will Build Their Own “Flappy Bird” App Using Code

LINCOLN, RHODE ISLAND—December 8, 2014—Tammy Fuller, Lincoln, Rhode Island co-founder of Echo Messaging Systems, specializing in automation and messaging, will be at Woonsocket High School and Career and Tech Center on Wednesday, December 11 and join students all over the world for an Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week, December 8-14, 2014. (www.hourofcode.org #hourofcode).

11:40 am – 12:40 pm
Woonsocket High School
Beth Starring, Robotics Teacher

1:00 pm- 2:00 pm
Career and Tech Center
Alan Piekos, IT Teacher

The recent Rhode Island Tech Collective’s TECH 10 recipient (www.techawards.com) will join the global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 170+ countries by organizing a Hour of Code event in two of Woonsocket, RI’s high schools. The purpose is to give every 21st Century student an opportunity to learn computer science.
Fuller, the co-developer of a family of personal safety apps, Find Me Safety (www.findesafety.com), will help nurture the basics of creativity and problem-solving skills and prepare students for any future career. The University of Massachusetts-Amherst Master’s Degree holder and Westfield State University Computer Science and Mathematics double major will demonstrate the “Find Me Safety” app, and the recycling focused “Compost Drop” app developed with students in her volunteer work with RiverzEdge Arts(www.riverzedgearts.org). The Hour of Code is to inspire excitement and learning in the Woonsocket students.
According to the Hour of Code, fewer schools teach computer science now than 10 years ago and 1 million jobs will be unfilled by the year 2020, if students do not learn computer skills now.
Technology and software historically suffer from an extreme lack of diversity and Hour of Code is a first step to fix this, showing all students what computer science is all about and begin creating things before their own eyes. Join us to propel an unprecedented movement featuring tech giant Bill Gates and others who will be connected to classrooms in live video chats.
About Hour of Code
Launched in 2013, Code.org® is a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color. Our vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. We believe computer science and computer programming should be part of the core curriculum in education, alongside other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses, such as biology, physics, chemistry and algebra.

About Echo Messaging Systems
Echo offers custom software that specializes in your business and managing needs with a dedicated team of highly skilled technical professionals for your business resources. The Lincoln, Rhode Island tech company offers you the convenience and security of working with a reliable trusted corporation along with all the benefits of highly affordable development team. Echo turns your ideas into tomorrow’s software. Find Me Safety App was recognized as a Rhode Island Tech 10 recipient by Tech Collective; as semifinalist in the TCC Start Up Cup in Tulsa, Oklahoma and United Way Innovation Award. Visit www.EchoMessaging.com and www.FindMeSafety.com

Contact: Kim Fuller (918) 904-7453; kfuller924@aol.com
Tammy Fuller (401) 263-9968; tammy@echomessaging.com

November 18, 2014

Tammy Fuller accepts the Tech 10 award by Tech Collective in Rhode Island at an awards banquet in Lincoln, Rhode Island.






Developed Revolutionary Find Me Safety App and volunteer work with RiverzEdge Arts

PAWTUCKET, R.I., NOVEMBER 18, 2014  — Tammy Fuller, Chief Software Architect and Co-Founder of the Lincoln, Rhode Island based Echo Messaging Systems has been awarded the 2014 TECH10 award by the Tech Collective, Rhode Island’s industry association for information technology and bioscience.

The TECH10 award honors “the best and brightest leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs” among Rhode Island’s 13,500 IT professionals.

“Tammy’s being recognized in the TECH10 is a testament to her forward thinking philosophy on developing software that helps people “,” says Gerald Deane, CEO of Echo Messaging Systems. “She is always looking at how people think in developing software instead of how to train people to think like a computer.”

Tammy Fuller holds a master’s degree in computer science/ artificial intelligence from University of Massachusetts Amherst and a bachelor’s of science in computer science and applied mathematics from Westfield State University. She co-founded Echo Messaging Systems in 2007 along with Gerald Deane and has spent over 25 years building numerous custom applications for business systems that think like people instead of making people think like computers.

TECH10 recognized Tammy for the development of the Find Me “family” of safety apps which provides GPS location and geo-tracks of an individual who doesn’t arrive at their destination at pre-determined time and her volunteer work teaching mobile app development to underserved youth at the Woonsocket non-profit RiverzEdge Arts. www.riverzedgearts.org.

“We are thrilled that Tammy is being recognized for the development of the Find Me Safety apps which she developed following the Moore, Oklahoma tornadoes in 2013,” said, Kim Fuller, Co-Developer of Find Me Safety “family” of apps. “Tammy took the first app, Find Me Tornado a step further by looking at human behavior expanded (Find Me Safety) to help people in all kinds of emergency situations.  That is what makes Tammy stand out in the high tech arena, not only in Rhode Island but across the country.”

“The TECH10 is a great way to help people understand technology and how it is applied in everyday life.  After all it is all about helping people.” says Tammy Fuller.  “I’m so thrilled to be part of Tech Collective’s effort to show technology businesses in Rhode Island in this light.”

For more information about the Tech Collective’s other TECH10 award recipients and the ceremony on November 20, 2014 visit at www.tech10awards.com


About Echo Messaging Systems. Echo offers custom software that specializes in your business and managing needs with a dedicated team of highly skilled technical professionals for your business resources.  The Lincoln, Rhode Island tech company offers you the convenience and security of working with a reliable trusted corporation along with all the benefits of highly affordable development team.  Echo turns your ideas into tomorrow’s software. Find Me Safety App was recognized as a semifinalist in the TCC Start Up Cup in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Visit www.EchoMessaging.com and www.FindMeSafety.com

Contact: Kim Fuller 918-904-7453 or Tammy Fuller 401-475-9642


September 26, 2014

Rhode Island Women Creates Safety app that may save lives

Find Me Safety featured on WJAR Channel 10/Providence with Olivia Fecteau

Click here for full article

September 19, 2014

Find Me Safety app is featured on NBC’S Today Show by Gadget Guy Steven Greenberg

Find Me Safety featured on Today Show with ‘Gadget Guy’ Steve Greenberg


September 25, 2014

Find Me Tornado is selected as a Semifinalist in the TCC Start Up Cup competition. Tulsa World article features Find Me Tornado.

September 2014

Find Me Tornado, the first of the  Find Me family of apps smartphone apps has been selected as a semi-finalist in the Tulsa TCC StartUp Cup.  The selection process will commence in November 2014.  Contribute to Find Me Tornado’s success by voting during the social media contest from September 15-25, 2014 . Follow along at www.tulsa.startupcup.com.



12 Semi-Finalists Named by TCC StartUp Cup

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Tulsa Community College names the 12 semi-finalists in the 2014 TCC StartUp Cup business model competition. The competition is powered by the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation with the first place winner receiving $30,000, second place, $5,000 and third place, $2,500.

This year’s competition has been streamlined to a five-month competition window but still features mentoring and coaching from area business leaders as a key component of the process. The 2014 competition added a networking and coaching event open to all of the entrepreneurs who entered this year’s competition. A number of the entrepreneurs found it helpful to be connected to other entrepreneurs.

“The contestants had the opportunity to learn from Tulsa’s most successful entrepreneurs while the coaches were able to pay it forward with their knowledge and expertise. We added this event to the competition to ensure everyone who submitted their business model had access to mentoring and coaching,” said Autumn Worten, TCC StartUp Cup chair.

The 12 semi-finalists will advance to the next round and meet one-on-one with coaches before pitching their business model and product to a panel of judges on Sept. 25.

Bike Barn is a mobile, multi-unit bicycle locker service that can be placed at companies, restaurant districts, or large community events to provide safe storage places for those who prefer pedal power as their form of transportation.

Cook Time with Remmi is a health-based cooking show for kids and is a creative way to address the childhood obesity issue by linking the skill of cooking to improved nutrition.

FenceTrac Fence Systems, Inc. is the creator of a new picket fence design that simplifies picket installation and creates a low maintenance privacy fence that resists warping.

Find Me Tornado Safety is an app for smartphones that utilizes GPS software to locate a subscriber in need of assistance following a tornado.

GreenFoot Energy is the designer of a solar powered micro exhaust fan with battery back-up and motion sensitive LED light to be mounted or retrofitted to portable buildings.

idefi Group, LLC is an online marketing platform providing musicians with opportunities to promote their music via competitions aimed at generating fan support through viral marketing campaigns created by brands and ad agencies.

J. Vogt Designs is the creator of the Fuseman Safety Stick, a patent-pending tool designed to safely remove and replace plug fuses in old style fuse panels.

Mobius Enterprises, LLC is the creator of the Proteus Ball, a new fitness product designed to accommodate everyone from the professional athlete to the average person looking to increase core strength and balance with one simple solution.

Nourish Drink Café makes superfood smoothies that are hand-crafted and blended from only plant based, whole food products for a nutritious on-the-go drink without any added sugars, yogurts or ice cream.

OP Left, LLC is a veteran-owned company that makes specialty, precision-cut acrylic measurement tools for use on U.S. and NATO military maps not currently available in the field.

Peritus Resource Group is the developer of ARsite, a patent-pending system that tracks people, machines and equipment in 3D space in real time and can act as a safety monitor and notification system.

Smart Panel LLC produces a home energy management product which is mounted on a circuit breaker of homes and small commercial buildings and can be managed by a smartphone app to monitor electricity consumption and turn off/on rooms or devices in the home.

The finalists will be announced Sept. 30 and will complete a final round of coaching before pitching before judges on Nov. 6. The 2014 TCC StartUp Cup winner will be announced on Nov. 18 during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The TCC StartUp Cup is designed to support entrepreneurial growth, expand business and community connections, and maximize promotional opportunities both locally and nationally. A study released earlier this summer shows the business model competition and the participants have a significant economic impact creating 300 full-time jobs and 2,000 part-time or contract positions and adding more than $85.1 million to the Tulsa economy. The TCC StartUp Cup is based on a coaching and mentoring structure. Former participants says it is one of the most valuable aspects of the business model competition with 70 percent of TCC StartUp Cup finalists still in operation compared to the national average of 25 percent.

For more information on the award, visit www.tcc.startupcup.com.



August 29, 2014

Find Me Safety app helps provide contact from users when cell service or power are compromised

TULSA, OKLA.  (August 24, 2014) —  In light of 6.0 Napa Earthquake in Northern California early this morning, Find Me Safety app reminds individuals of how their app can be utilized as part of a family communication plan.
Tulsa crisis management consultant Kim Fuller and her Lincoln, Rhode Island Software architect cousin Tammy developed a “family” of Find Me safety apps including a general safety app Find Me Safety app which can be used following an earthquake when power and cell service is out or compromised.
Tammy and Kim however saw that there was a broader use for their Tornado safety app and made it so that individuals could alert contacts, co-workers, family and friends of yours status following an type of emergency including taking a walk, jog, returning from a babysitting job or showing a home as a realtor.  A unique feature of the Find Me Safety app is a FOLLOW ME (alertracks) feature that when the app is activated or the phone is shaken after activated the app will send the contacts a map of the locations that the user has been at since the app was activated.
When a user activates the app, they can select where they are; where they are going and then their expected arrival time. If they ever feel in danger, they can SHAKE the phone and the phone sends a message immediately to their contacts, or can call 911 and provide dispatcher your GPS location via voice instructions. If you don’t SHAKE phone during your journey and you do not de activate the app when arriving to your destination, the If the user becomes incapacitated and is in need of assistance, the alerts are sent 15 minutes (or a customized time)  after an app is activated.  The out of area server will hold an email; text, phone call, and Facebook and Twitter post and if the app is not deactivate the alert is then sent to a pre-determined contact list identifying the last know GPS location and posts it on a GEO RSS data feed on the most popular mapping software including Google maps.  Here is a sample of the users overlaid onto storm in Oklahoma.  There was no tornado in that part of Oklahoma, so therefore there is no tornado path.

Why you need to download Find ME: Tornado Safety App today.
1.       4 in 10 individuals don’t have a family communications PLAN when it comes to safety.
2.       While most people text and telephone individuals during an imminent emergency, texting and phone calls aren’t possible if you are trapped or incapacitated or if cell service is out.
3.       Find Me indicates your last known GPS location whether you are at work, at home or in a movie theatre.
4.        Find Me Safety app has a direct GEO RSS data feed pulling Find Me Activated users and placing them on free mapping software sites such as Google maps. This is one additional tool for first responders and emergency officials can access for free.  Contacts are sent the link of the GPS coordinates of the user and it is overlaid with the tornado path.  Contacts can determine if user is in path of tornado and needs assistance.
5.       In the event that assistance is needed, the app has a flashing strobe light and loud beacon siren to help searchers find the users location.
6.       There are many excellent pre-tornado preparedness apps, but this is the only post-tornado app that allows individuals to give family and friends the peace of mind that when they go into a shelter, that if they are hurt or trapped, someone will come to come find them.

Using true and tried rules of disaster preparedness, co-developers Kim and Tammy have incorporated redundancy into the app so that if cell towers go down, the app will send to an out of area server your last known GPS coordinates, and is sent by three means (phone call, text and email and if the user deactivate/cancel alert prior to the 15 minute countdown,  the app will also send the alert. The Fuller’s app require that at least one contact is one individual outside the area code of the user so that there is an out of area contact.

Find Me Safety App is available for iPhone and Android through iTunes and Google Play stores for $2.99.   Also available Find Me-Tornado, Find Me-Hurricane,  and Find Me- Typhoon.

Find Me Safety and the family of “Find Me” products is a partnership between Echo Messaging Systems and KF Public Affairs utilizing Echo’s Job (Alert) Notification System TM.

For more information www.FindMeSafety.com. Kim Fuller 918-904-7453. Kfuller924@aol.com. Follow @FindMeSafety.

NOTE: Interviews are available via skype or video is available via a number of local news with interviews that are affiliated with every major network.  Check out our coverage on www.findmesafety.com for available video.

Find Me – Safety app is available at iTunes, Google Play and Samsung Apps.


Marketing, Media Relations and Partnerships

Kim Fuller



Technical, Software and White Label partnerships

Tammy Fuller

Echo Messaging Systems

Phone: 401-475-9642 Main
Fax: 401-475-5483
Email: info@echomessaging.com

Find Me Family of Safety Apps

Located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, Echo Messaging System is a small business creating software for other small businesses, to streamline and automate business processes.  Cousins Tammy Fuller and Kim Fuller formed a partnership after developing the first in the family of apps (Find Me Tornado) following the Moore, Oklahoma tornadoes in 2013. Echo Messaging System already had the automated notification system and partnered it with the desire  to assist people in dangerous situations by notifying loved ones they were in danger and needed assistance.  Or, similarly, it could be used to let people know they were safe.2015-01-08 10.25.34

Caption: Kim Fuller (left) and Tammy Fuller (right) demonstrate the Find Me Safety app on their iPad.

Combining smartphone features, such as GPS tracking, shake detection (via accelerometer), siren and flashing, we created a family of easy-to-use apps for Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows Mobile to locate people after the disaster has passed.  “Find Me — Safety App” is very flexible and can be used for short or long trips, for everyday use or for once in a while.

Echo Messaging Systems (Co-developer of Find Me apps), was founded by software and hardware design professionals with over 40 years experience. Gerald Deane, Echo’s President is a former Professor of Design Engineering.  With a background in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Speech Recognition, Tammy Fuller, Echo’s Chief Architect, created more than 20 large Web Applications, developed many Mobile Apps for the medical field, as well as numerous custom Windows and Unix applications for commercial and defense fields. Ms. Fuller is co-author of The XML Design Handbook by Wrox Press and ran two prior companies in the areas of custom software engineering. In 2014 Ms. Fuller was awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award for Public Service and the Tech 10 by Rhode Island Tech Collective recognizing Rhode Islands up and coming people in technology.

KF Public Affairs is a media relations and crisis management consulting firm founded by Kim Fuller of Tulsa, Okla.  She has over 25 years experience in media relations and crisis management having worked on nearly ever national disaster since Hurricane Katrina.  Find Me Tornado Safety app was a semifinalist in the 2014 Tulsa TCC StartUp Cup in 2014 and a semifinalist for the Tulsa United Way Innovation Grants in 2014. Ms. Fuller was selected to present Find Me Tornado at the 1 Million Cups entrepreneurial program in Tulsa, Okla. in April 2014 and in Nashville, Tenn. in November 2014.